DS-A18 60W
Dasol Energy DS-A18 Series PV Modules
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Dasol Energy DS-A18 Series PV Modules

These 12 VDC nominal modules have an output voltage that is well-suited for charging 12-Volt batteries and can be wired in series for charging 24- or 48-Volt battery banks. They can be used with inexpensive PWM controllers (see Charge Controllers for more information).

These modules, from Dasol Energy, are efficient and robust with tempered glass, tough polymer back sheets, and anodized aluminum frames. The modules offered here are listed to UL 1703, CSA 5311-10 & 90 as well as IEC 61215 and are produced in an ISO 9001 certified facility.  The DS-A18-30 has a single-port J-box with a 2-conductor lead. The larger modules feature diode-accessible junction boxes with pre-assembled MC4/H4-style leads. Made in China. 



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