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Discover Battery Tubular Gel OPzV Batteries

Discover Battery OPzV tubular plate gel batteries are designed for extreme life deep cycle applications. Cells are valve regulated sealed for minimal maintenance and no watering. The positive plates are a tubular design giving very long cycle life, and these are rated to 2950 cycles at a 50% depth of discharge. Maximum charge current is 30% of the 10-hr rate.
Long the standard for remote off-grid systems around the world, these batteries are now available in the US. They are ideal for off grid systems and also work well for standby backup use. The system kits come with cell interconnect cables, and racks. Available for both 24 VDC and 48 VDC systems. 

Meets the following standards:
  • ISO 9001/14001 and OSHA 18001 standards
  • IEC 60896-21: Requirements for Photovoltaic Energy
  • IEC 60896-22: Requirements for Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries
  • IEC 61427: Standard for photovoltaic energy systems
  • DIN 40742: Standard for stationary tubular plate cells
  • EN 50272-1 / 50272-2: Safety Requirements for stationary batteries
  • UN 2800 (US DOT Compliance)
  • Eurobat "Long Life" classification

2 year warranty (4 year in standby or shallow cycle use). Made in UAE.



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