242-92051 Flashing Kit
SnapNrack Mounts for Composition Roofs
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SnapNrack Series 100 Composition Roof Attachments

SnapNrack offers a variety of roof attachment methods by combining familiar parts with more specialized hardware. The flashing provides a watertight seal with no cutting shingles required. The L Foot is engineered for max adjust ability.  The L-foot, Flashing and Base Kit is recommended for simple flush mounts to a roof with composition shingles only. L-foot o
ffered in silver or black anodized aluminum. Both are available with black galvanized steel or aluminum flashing.  For highly corrosive environments the aluminum flashing is recommended. 

Note: Item  
242-92049 includes base plate and flashing only.  Does not include L Foot. 

SnapNrack 100 and 200 systems are fully listed to the UL 2703 Standard for Grounding and Bonding. 
As of January 1, 2016, all SnapNrack system products offered through AEE Solar have been certified 
by UL for electrical continuity, eliminating the need for additional grounding hardware. Bonding pins 
are integrated into product assemblies including module clamps and rail splices, eliminating the need 
for bonding washers on each PV module or rail splice jumpers. Only one SnapNrack Grounding Lug is 
required per individual row of modules (not per rail).




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