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OutBack ProHarvest Communication Gateway
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OutBack ProHarvest Communication Gateway

While using the OutBack ProHarvest Communication Gateway a wealth of monitoring and control becomes available.  The gateway communicates with local inverters over the power line be being plugged into one phase, and uses a proprietary communication method that is robust and reliable.  Instigating auto-discover on the device will cause it to quickly search out newly added inverters and report back.  

Once connected the ProHarvest inverters, the gateway logs data in near real time and stores it on an internal SD card.  Up to 10 years of data may be archived this way.  Information man be accessed through the touchscreen or over an Ethernet network.  The network connection gives access to the built-in web server, allowing complete control through a web browser.  


  • Touchscreen display
  • Communication over power line with inverters 
  • local LAN Ethernet connection 
  • SD card storage for up to 10 years of data 
  • Diagnostic USB port may be used to power other devices 
  • For indoor use only 



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