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OutBack EnergyCell FLA Flooded Batteries
OutBack Power's new EnergyCell FLA flooded batteries are designed for deep cycle off grid use. Made with heavy-duty internal connectors and terminal post structures and plate separators ensure reliability. The 290FLA is golf cart sized, the 525FLS is L-16 sized. The 525FLA includes an electrolyte level indicator to signal when watering is required. The 1400FLA is an industrial battery that comes in a steel container with built in handles. Additional fluid headspace above battery plates increases the interval between watering maintenance. Max charge rate for these is 23% of the capacity at the 20-hour rate. Cycle life at 50% depth of discharge is 1250 for the 290FLA, 1550 for the 525FLA, and 2800 for the 1400FLA. The 6 volt units have bayonet caps and the 2 volt unit has Water-miser caps to increase watering intervals. 2 year full replacement warranty on the 290FLA and 525FLA, and 4 year full replacement warranty on the 1400FLA.
The 48-525-FLA is a complete 48 volt battery kit and comes with 8 525FLA batteries, polypropylene indoor/outdoor enclosure, single point watering system, 2.5 gallon water tank, cables, and PVC spacers for the battery.

Made in USA. Must be shipped by truck freight as hazardous goods. Freight included in the Continental U.S.A.




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