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Discover AES LiFePO4 battery

The Discover AES batteries are an excellent choice for applications needing deep cycling on a daily basis as needed for off grid, self-consumption, peak load shaving, and other similar systems. They use the commonly preferred LiFePO4 chemistry for stationary energy storage. It is thermally stable and has high cycle life compared to many other Li-ION technologies. The AES 42-48-6650 and AES 44-24-2800 batteries can be used with most 24 V or 48 V inverters and charge controllers
ES batteries have a built in Battery Management System (BMS) that keeps the individual cells balanced and within the correct parameters for longest life. If operating parameters are exceeded for over 2 minutes the battery will shut down. The BMS monitors cell module voltage, battery voltage, battery current, battery temperature, and battery state of charge. It keeps a log of this data and can send out fault and warning events. There is an AEBus connection for communications between multiple batteries. Each battery has an ON/OFF switch and an internal backup fuse.

 The external communication connection will work directly with Schneider Conext network systems. It reports to the Conext SCP or Combox as a battery monitor device. This connection can also be used with the Discover LYNK© monitor and communication box. Edge Cards (daughter boards) can be added to the LYNK© to enable communications to specific inverter brands. A selection of cards will become available to match popular inverter brands. Two Edge Cards can be used at one time for various inverters and charge controllers in one system. LYNK© enables closed loop communications providing adaptive, real­ time interaction between the Discover AES LiFePO4 battery and connected inverter system. Remote reporting of battery status is available through the inverter monitoring and web services.

·        Safe and robust Li chemistry type, strong steel case
·        Can be used as a lead acid battery replacement with 24 volt or 48 volt nominal inverters and solar chargers
·        High rate charge/discharge rated, and very high round trip efficiency
·        Complete monitoring of all battery parameters is available
·        Up to 20 AES batteries can be installed in parallel for up to 133kWh of storage
·        Convenient wall mount bracket is available for the AES 42-48-6650
TheThe steel enclosure is rated to IP55 (approx. NEMA 3R) but is not recommended for outdoor exposure. Terminals are post type, M8 female threads, with supplied bolts and washers. The charging temperature range is 32°F (0°C) to 113°F (45°C), with a recommended operating temperature range is 59°F (15°C) to 77°F (25°C) for maximum life and performance. 48 volt batteries are 13.7" W x 18.5" D x 14.7" H. 24 volt batteries are 13.7" W x 13.0" D x 10.8" H. Listed to IEC 62133(ed.2) pending UL1973 and UL2271. Ships as Hazardous materials Class 9, UN3480 (UNDOT).

Warranty is for 10 years service life, or throughput rating of 38MWh (42-48-6650) or 16MWh (44-24-2800)
 to 60% of original capacity. Made in Taiwan.







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