Discover AES LYNK
Discover AES LYNK
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Discover LYNK 
A connection to the AES batteries can be made with the Discover LYNK© monitor and gateway. The LYNK© has a battery state of charge meter on its face for quick reference when used as a lead replacement battery. This will be much more accurate than the battery monitors supplied with most inverters. LYNK© enables closed loop communications providing adaptive, real­ time interaction between the Discover AES LiFePO4 battery and connected inverter system. Remote reporting of battery status is available through the inverter monitoring and web services.
Edge Cards (daughter boards) can be added to the LYNK© to enable communications to specific inverter brands. A selection of cards will become available to match popular inverter brands. Two Edge Cards can be used at one time for various inverters and charge controllers in one system. .The SMA card is used to interface the AES battery bank with an SMA Sunny Island inverter system. The VICTRON card is used to interface the AES battery bank with Victron inverter and charger systems.The current batteries will communicate directly to Xanbus devices from Schneider XW and SW inverters and charge controls




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