Magnum Energy ME-RC
Magnum Energy Remote Controls
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Magnum Energy Remote Controls

The optional ME-RC50 remote control is simple to use yet enables use of all the set-up features of the ME, MS, MS-ME, and RD Series inverters. The ME-RC50 controls the ME-AGS automatic generator start using a network connection to the inverter. This remote has convenient fingertip operation, including one-knob programming. The ME-ARC50 advanced remote offers even more control of the setup including custom battery-charge set-points. The ME-RTR has all of the functions of the ME-ARC50 and is required for paralleling PAE inverters. The ME-ARTR is used for control of multiple PAE inverters and multiple PT-100 charge controls. An ME-RC50 can be used with the ME-RTR as a remote display. The MM-RC25 provides on/off control and a quick indication of inverter and charger operation for the MM and MMS inverters.



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