ZigBee Gateway Kit
SolarEdge ZigBee Communication Accessories
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SolarEdge ZigBee Communication Accessories

The ZigBee Gateway Kit includes the ZigBee home gateway and a single ZigBee card with extended- range antenna for connecting a single inverter wirelessly to an existing network router.

Additional inverters can be added using a Zigbee wireless slave module, and wired to the master unit. A ZigBee Slave module can be used to connect each additional inverter to the master inverter.

The ZigBee Repeater can be installed and used to extend the range of the Gateway Kit network by up to 800’.  Home gateway kit supports up to 15 SolarEdge devices (e.g. inverters) on the home network.  

Add ZigBee slave kit (029-01642)
 for connecting multiple devices to the same gateway and for extending the ZigBee range use the SolarEdge ZigBee Repeater (029-01643)



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