1000XLC enclosed
OutBack EnergyCell XLC
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EnergyCell™ XLC Battery                         

The OutBack EnergyCell 1000XLC is an advanced VRLA sealed lead battery. The carbon added to the negative plates, enhanced separators and anti-corrosion grid design increases life in float, cycling and PSoC use. This battery is built for deep cycling and partial state of charge use, ideal for off grid or self-supply systems. Cycle life it rated at 3800 cycles at 50% depth of discharge, one of the highest for any lead battery, as well as an expected 17 year life in standby use. It has high charge and discharge ef¿ciency. Maximum charge rate is 300A.

This is a 48 VDC battery system with 24 cells in a modular rack assembly and integrated cabinet, with all inter-cell connectors and bus bar terminals included. 

Full standard warranty, 7 years, 10 years if connected to OutBack equipment and OpticsRE or datalogging. 44.2" W x 21.8" D x 67.3" H.  Made in Taiwan, Freight free in the Continental U.S.A. to commercial dock.  


Length 80.0
Width 50.0
Height 35.0
Weight 4677.0  LB
Manufacturer Part Number 1000XLC
Warranty 7 years
Long Description OUTBACK, 1000XLC, AGM-GEL LEAD CARBON BATTERY, 48V, 972 AH AT 20 HR
Battery Type Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)
Voltage 48
Terminal Type Bus Bar


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